02 – John Lee Dumas of EntrepreneurOnFire

John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire, a daily podcast that interviews todays most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs.  EntrepreneurOnFire tells the journey of the spotlighted guest, sharing their early failures, AHA moments, and insight into what is working for them now and why.

Every show ends with a 5-question “Lightning Round” that pulls priceless nuggets of information from these incredibly successful Entrepreneurs.

Highlights of this Podcast:

  • John talks about his experience as an Army Officer and his 13-month combat tour in Iraq and how it sparked his Entrepreneurial drive.
  • John shares that it is better to have a “good plan now” instead of a “great/perfect plan to late”.
  • John talks about the future of Podcasting and where he thinks it’s heading.
  • One of John’s great leadership heroes is Benjamin Franklin.
  • A great discussion about how Leadership & Entrepreneurship is about a “journey”.
  • How John learned early on that you have to learn to “get comfortable & embrace your failures” if you’re to be a successful leader.
  • Rebounding from failures quickly & having a “rubber mentality” is a key aspect to being a successful leader.