16 – David Casullo: President of Bates Communications; Author of Leading the High-Energy Culture

David CasulloDavid Casullo’s passion is developing leaders who have the courage and capability to change the world.  He is President of Bates Communications and the author of Leading the High-Energy Culture: What the Best CEOs Do to Create an Atmosphere Where Employees Flourish (McGraw Hill). Within weeks of its release in March 2012, the book became a bestselling book in Human Resources and Leadership on Amazon.com.

David’s methods ensure that leaders remember what is important by helping clarify values and recommit to behaving consistently, in alignment, with the “who that you are.” He has a proven process to clarify organizational values and communicate them effectively in a way that drives growth and top and bottom line results.  His experience as a successful business leader and entrepreneur give him credibility with executive leaders in the C-suite as well as with emerging leaders in key roles throughout organizations.

Highlights of this Podcast:

  • Leadership rests on a bed on “universal truths” & “principles”.
  • The truths and principles from that exist all around you are there for your discovery & development.
  • Anyone can become leaders as long as you have the willingness, desire, and the courage.
  • Introverts can be very powerful leaders.
  • We all have an obligation to be a leader at some level.
  • Regardless of your leadership position, focus on what you can affect & influence at your immediate level.
  • Pay attention who the “Alpha Dog” or real leader in your organization is; it may not be the leader with the obvious title.
  • In regards to those people you are accountable for: “Love them, listen to them, encourage them…but don’t see them as you.”
  • All of your energy, hard work, and communication should strive towards “simplicity”.