100 – John Lee Dumas: Founder & Host of EntreprenuerOnFire

John-Lee-Dumas-Entrepreneur-On-FireJohn Lee Dumas is the Founder & Host of the very popular EntrepreneurOnFire; a daily podcast interviewing today’s most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs. Since his launch in September of 2012, John has had the pleasure of featuring entrepreneurs like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss and over 300 more.

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EntrepreneurOnFire is all about Inspiring Millions. John is committed to helping you find the inspiration you’re looking for to launch into your own entrepreneurial journey.

During the 30ish-minute interviews, John’s spotlighted entrepreneur tells him about their journey, sharing early failures, AHA moments, and providing insights about the techniques that are working for them right now. Each show wraps with a five-question “Lightning Round” that pulls priceless nuggets of information from these successful Entrepreneurs, encouraging listeners and fans to take action.

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In this interview John & Richard reflect back on John’s amazing 1 year journey & the lessons learned launching his spectacular brand.  John also talks about the future of podcasting, how to obtain the Entrepreneur mindset, & how to bounce back from setbacks.

99 – Chris Widener: Motivational Speaker, Author, Businessman, Coach & Mentor

ChrisWidnerChris Widener is widely recognized as one of the top speakers in the world today. He has spoken all over the world in places like Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Egypt, Singapore, Australia and of course, all over the United States and Canada. Chris speaks to groups as small as 100 and as large as 25,000 people. His clients are a “who’s who” of American businesses and organizations, including notables like General Electric, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and the Harvard Business School. Chris’ dynamic, practical and engaging speeches will have your audience laughing one minute and learning timeless truths of success the next.

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Chris was hand selected by two of the legends of the speaking world to work with them and he now carries on their legacy. Jim Rohn, one of the most successful speakers of the last 50 years, and also known for being Tony Robbins first mentor, made Chris his last protege and worked with Chris the last seven years of his life. Chris and Jim co-authored the Jim Rohn One Year Success Plan as well as Jim’s last book, The Twelve Pillars, which has become an international best-seller. Jim called Chris “The Leader of the next generation of personal development and leadership experts.”

Zig Ziglar, considered to be the greatest motivational speaker of the 20th Century, personally chose Chris to co-host his television show, True Performance. Chris’ two books, The Angel Inside, and The Art of Influence are the only two fiction books Zig Ziglar endorsed in his entire life.

Along with co-hosting True Performance, Chris also hosted his own show, Made for Success, where he interviewed some of the top business achievers and thought leaders of our time.

Chris considers it a privilege to be able to speak to people and help them lead successful lives,and to become extraordinary leaders and masterful salespeople.

Transformational Leadership Academy

I’m proud to be associated with Chris and his new Leadership Academy.

Chris is passionate about teaching all of us to become Transformational Leaders.  Chris’s program teaches us how to:

– Create greater wealth
– Increase productivity
– More effectively influence others
– Gain greater respect
– Leave your impact on future generations
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98 – Greg Link: Leadership Consultant, Speaker, Co-author of “Smart Trust”

Greg_LinkGreg Link is the co-founder of the Global Speed of Trust Practice, a fast-growing consultancy committed to influencing people to grow their careers and their organizations at The Speed of Trust.

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As co-founder and Senior Vice President of the Covey Leadership Center, Greg orchestrated the strategy that made Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, one of the two best-selling business books of the twentieth century according to CEO Magazine. The book sold over 20 million copies in 38 languages.

He also created the marketing momentum that helped propel Covey Leadership Center from a start-up company to a $100+ million-dollar enterprise with offices in 40 countries. In addition, Greg managed the publication of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in Japanese, leading to over 1 million books sold.

Greg, his business partner Stephen M. R. Covey, and the team at The Speed of Trust Practice, equip people and organizations to measure and uncover the overlooked and underestimated power of trust and harness it as a performance multiplier. Greg challenges the age-old assumption that trust is merely a soft, social virtue and convincingly demonstrates that trust is a hard-edged, economic driver — a learnable and measurable skill that makes organizations more profitable, people more promotable, and relationships more energizing.

Greg co-authored the book of SMART TRUST with Stephen M.R. Covey; this book is a must read and I highly recommend this book.

The paradox of trust is that we don’t give it until we receive it, but we cannot receive if we do not give. Stephen and Greg do an outstanding job at describing how to create a trusting environment and the five actions of SMART TRUST:

Action 1: Choose to Believe in Trust
Action 2: Start with Self
Action 3: Declare Your Intent
Action 4: Do What You Say
Action 5: Lead Out in Extending Trust to Others


97 – Scott M.Fay: Vice President of the John Maxwell Team, Author of “Discover Your Sweet Spot”.

Scott Fay

Scott M. Fay is a student, practitioner, and teacher of leadership and business practices.

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His content is hewn from the experience of acquiring more than a dozen failing landscape & irrigation companies and rolling them into two industry-leading, award-winning organizations. Scott knows the importance of choosing the correct leader.

The right one sets the stage for success and the wrong one for disaster. Scott’s authentic approach combined with rich experience positions him as a top choice for many businesses and organizations. He works with select clients and customizes each experience to exceed their expectations.

Besides speaking and training internationally, Scott serves as Executive Vice President of the John Maxwell Team.

Scott is the author of Discover Your Sweet Spot; a book that equips you to create the life you want. Using a landscaping metaphor and written in a conversational tone, author Scott Fay reveals seven proven steps that enabled him to achieve a unique blend of personal and professional success.

Imagine if you discovered your Sweet Spot. What results would you experience? Better finances? Better focus? Better relationships? Discovering his Sweet Spot equipped Scott to do all three and much more. Specifically, it helped him acquire fourteen distressed businesses and turn them into profitable environments for leadership and commerce. It prepared him to forge a partnership with the No. 1 leadership guru in the world and create the world’s fastest-growing speaking, coaching, and training team. It primed him to start several other ventures, projects, and initiatives related to his core strengths. And finally it enabled him to create a robust life with a variety of options.

If this can work for Scott—a guy who wears jeans and boots and drives a pickup truck—then be encouraged; it can work for you too. In fact, it can work for any individual or organization serious about creating a growth environment. Discover Your Sweet Spot and discover the life you’ve always wanted.

You can check out his website here: thesweetspotsystem.com

96 – Mark Miller: Best Selling Author, Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness for Chick-fil-A Restaurants

mark millerMark Miller began writing about a decade ago when he was fortunate to team up with Ken Blanchard to write The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do. In 2011 Mark released The Secret of Teams outlining the key principles that enable some teams to outperform the all the rest. Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life came next in 2011. His upcoming book, The Heart of Leadership is scheduled for release in the fall of 2013.

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In addition to writing, Mark really loves speaking to leaders. Over the years, he has traveled extensively around the world teaching for numerous international organizations. His theme is always the same: encouraging and equipping leaders.

Mark also sells chicken. He started his Chick-fil-A career working as an hourly team member back in 1977. In 1978, he joined the corporate staff working in the warehouse and mailroom. Since then, he has provided leadership for Corporate Communications, Field Operations, Quality and Customer Satisfaction, Training and Development. Today he serves as the Vice President for Organizational Effectiveness. During his time with Chick-fil-A, annual sales have grown to over $5 billion and the company now has more than 1,700 restaurants in 39 states and the District of Columbia.

You can check out Mark’s Blog here: greatleadersserve.org

95 – Jessie Jane Duff: Veterans Advocate – Spokesperson for Concerned Veterans for America

Jessie Jane DuffJessie Jane Duff is on the Organizing Committee for Concerned Veterans for America.

Jessie served 20 years on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps and retired a Gunnery Sergeant. Along with multiple overseas deployments and combat related exercises, she provided logistical support to combat arms and wing units throughout her career, including Desert Storm and the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. In a collateral duty, Jessie served on the Executive Staff as the Equal Opportunity Advisor to the Commander of Marine Forces Pacific, the largest operational command in the Marine Corps prior to her retirement. She completed her career as a Motor Transport Operations Chief at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Jessie’s personal awards include three Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, four Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and two National Defense Medals in addition to various awards for excellence during her time on active duty.

In 2009-2012, Jessie was the spokesperson for Military Voting Rights USA, a national network dedicated to ensure active duty military voters have their votes cast and counted on time. She made national media appearances and advocated for timely and expedited mail delivery of ballots to American service men and women stationed overseas. Jessie testified before Congress’ Elections Subcommittee, Committee on House Administration based on her first-hand experience and concerns about voting rights for active duty military overseas personnel. She also was a highly visible advocate for Military and Overseas Empowerment Act (MOVE Act), which became federal law the same year.

In 2005-2006, Jessie was Chairman for Americans for Dr. Rice, a national political 527 focused on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her political future. As Chairman, she traveled extensively to numerous state party conventions and provided political analysis for Fox News, “Fox and Friends,” MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” and CNN’s “The Situation Room.”

Jessie currently works as an independent consultant in the cyber security industry. She has a Bachelor Science degree in Business Management and is a member of Disabled American Veterans, The John Carroll Society, Women in Defense, and Woman Marines Association.

94 – Taylor Vogt: Business Leader Coach with Vera Claritas

taylor-vogt-400x320Taylor Vogt is a business coach. But he’s not going to help you with business plans, strategies, or logistics. There are plenty of people offering great advice covering those topics. He helps you with something different, but of equal importance to a solid business plan. That is the business mindset.

Here’s why this is critical. All the time people start businesses and work out all the logistics. On paper, their businesses should be thriving, but many aren’t. What they’re missing is the business mindset. They don’t have their head in the game, and so no matter how great their business plan is, their business won’t grow, because they aren’t growing. Taylor helps you overcome limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and lack of clarity when it comes to your business. He helps you grow and be certain that the business plan you’re implementing is right for you.

93 – T.T. “Mitch” Mitchell: Health Care Consultant, Leadership Trainer, Author

M-Mitchell_5921T. T. “Mitch” Mitchell has been in healthcare for over 25 years. For eighteen years he worked in various healthcare organizations; seventeen of those years at some type of management level. He’s worked for a physician billing company, a federally qualified health center, and three hospitals. At two of those hospitals he was also the revenue officer and charge master coordinator, and at his last facility, he was also the corporate compliance officer.

With all the time spent in management, Mr. Mitchell learned the leadership and management skills that helps motivate others to help reach organizational goals, and with his unique position in healthcare, he also understands that this is a diverse world, where each person has even the subtlest of differences, and that every person deserves to be treated fairly.

T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc, based in the Syracuse, NY area, was founded in 2001 to help healthcare organizations with their financial issues as they pertained to the revenue cycle. By providing charge master services, both long term and short term, clients have seen multi-million dollar improvements on their revenue and cash. For one hospital in particular, over the course of a year daily revenue increased from $1.9 million a day to $3.9 million a day, more than a 100% increase in revenue per day and for the year.

At the same time, he began doing presentations, company trainings, seminars and speaking engagements on the topics of leadership, management, diversitycustomer service, and motivation for both health care and non health care organizations, as well as presentations to healthcare organizations on a multitude of healthcare financial topics. One special presentation was held in front of almost 200 management level leaders of a large university hospital on the topic of Succession Planning for Women and Minorities. He also provides executive coaching to individuals and organizations.

Along with those successes, there’s his first book, Embrace The Lead, on leadership and management, his second book called Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool, a weekly email newsletter, as well as numerous articles either written by him, or with quotes from him, that have appeared in magazines and online publications across the country on a myriad of topics.

Mr. Mitchell is a three term and current president of the Mid York Medical Accounts Management Association, which is the New York state chapter of the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management, and is still on the board (also publishes the newsletter and manages their website). He serves as a member of the board of directors forARISE Inc (presently the finance committee chairperson), an organization which assists those with physical and developmental disabilities to live independently within the local community. He is a member and board member of the Professional Consultant’s Association of Central New York, where he also manages their website and writes the monthly newsletter, the Greater Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, is listed as a consultant with the the National Minority Aids Council, and is on the editorial board of Aspen Publishers.

As a professional speaker, Mr. Mitchell has traveled throughout the Northeast, giving presentations health care finance issues, leadership and management, diversity, motivation, and social media.


92 – Frederick W. Smith: Chairman & CEO of FedEx Corporation

fred_w_smithFrederick W. Smith is chairman and chief executive officer of FedEx Corporation, a $44-billion global transportation, business services and logistics company.

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Smith is responsible for providing strategic direction for all FedEx Corporation operating companies, including FedEx Services, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight. FedEx serves more than 220 countries and territories with operations that include 660 aircraft and over 90,000 vehicles. More than 300,000 team members worldwide handle more than 10 million shipments each business day.  Since founding FedEx in 1971, Smith has been an active proponent of regulatory reform, free trade and “open skies agreements” for aviation around the world.  Most recently, he has advocated for vehicle energy-efficiency standards and a national energy policy.

FedEx has continued to strengthen its industry leadership over the past 40 years, and has been widely acknowledged for its commitment to total quality service. FedEx Express was the first service company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1990. FedEx has consistently been ranked on FORTUNE magazine’s industry lists, including “World’s Most Admired Companies,” “100 Best Companies to Work For” and is on FORTUNE’s “Blue Ribbon Companies List

Smith is co-chairman of the Energy Security Leadership Council, a Trustee for the United States Council for International Business and a member of the Business Roundtable.  He served as chairman of the U.S.-China Business Council and is co-chairman of the French-American Business Council. Smith has served on the boards of several large public companies and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Mayo Foundation Boards. He was formerly chairman of the Board of Governors for the International Air Transport Association and the U.S. Air Transport Association.

Smith has received numerous civic, academic and business awards including the Global Leadership Award from the U.S—India Business Council, the George C. Marshall Foundation Award; and the Circle of Honor Award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. In addition, Smith is a member of the Aviation Hall of Fame, served as co-chairman of both the U.S. World War II Memorial Project and the campaign for the National Museum of the Marine Corps. and was named a top CEO by both BARRON’S magazine and CHIEF EXECUTIVE magazine.

Born in 1944 in Marks, Miss., Smith attended Yale University, where he earned a B.A. in 1966. Smith served as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1966-1970.

91 – Ed DeCosta: Fortune 500 Executive Coach; Faculty Member, John C. Maxwell Leadership Development Program

Ed DeCostaEd DeCost is an executive coach with vast real-world corporate experience.  Ed has influenced the lives of thousands of executives worldwide, from young professionals to top executives of Fortune 500 companies.

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Ed’s coaching – one-on-one as well as his online group programs – help his clients master the power of intentionality so that they establish control of their purpose and their calendars in order to become the best possible version of themselves.

He currently serves as one of the faculty members in best-selling author John C. Maxwell’s Maxwell Leadership Development Program.  Ed has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University as well as Master’s Degree in International Management and MBA from the University of Texas.  Ed is also an adjunct faculty member in WVU’s College of Business and Economics, teaching Professional Selling and Entrepreneurship.

A Boston native and diehard fan of the Boston Red Sox, Ed lives in the rolling hills of West Virginia with his wife Linda and three children.

To learn more about Ed, visit EdDeCosta.com.

90 – Amber Barno: Former Army Combat Helicopter Pilot; Spokesperson for Concerned Vets for America

Amber BarnoAmber Barno is a conservative writer and commentator. Her articles have been published in various news sites such as The Daily Caller, The Commentator, Concerned Veterans for America, and The Examiner with topics that include national security, military, politics, women’s issues, and veteran’s issues.

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Amber has been featured on TV and radio programs including Fox News, America Live with Megyn Kelly, Fox and Friends, Real News on The Blaze TV, ABC News, The Blaze Radio, The David Webb Show, Wilkow Majority, The Ernie Brown Show and co-hosted USAA’s annual Veterans Day celebration.

Amber served in the United States Army as an OH58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter pilot for almost eight years.  She served in combat during deployments to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. During her service as a pilot, she earned the title of Pilot-in-Command and Air Mission Commander. Amber has extensive experience in security and reconnaissance operations.

Amber is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a Master of Science in Safety, Security, and Emergency Management with a specialization and a graduate certificate in Homeland Security. Additionally, Amber has researched terrorism events and contributed data to the Global Terrorism Database at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.  Amber has taught at the graduate school level and is on the Board of Directors at the Tennessee World Affairs Council in Nashville, Tennessee where she helps promote educational awareness and advancement of international issues to local schools and the community. Amber has a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics with a minor in Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Visit Amber’s Website: amberbarno.com

89 – Stephen M.R. Covey – Best Selling Leadership Author of “The Speed of Trust” & “Smart Trust”

Stephen CoveyStephen M.R. Covey is the New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The SPEED of Trust, and co-author of the #1 Amazon bestseller Smart Trust.

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He is the former CEO of Covey Leadership Center, which under his stewardship became the largest leadership development company in the world. Stephen personally led the strategy that propelled his father’s book, Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, to become one of the two most influential business books of the 20th century, according to CEO Magazine.

As President and CEO, Stephen nearly doubled revenues while increasing profits by 12 times. During that period, the company expanded throughout the world into over 40 countries, greatly increasing the value of the brand and enterprise. The company was valued at $2.4 million when Stephen was named CEO and, within three years, he had grown shareholder value to $160 million in a merger he orchestrated with then Franklin Quest to form FranklinCovey.

A Harvard MBA, Stephen co-founded his own boutique firm—CoveyLink—which is a learning and consulting practice focused on enabling leaders and organizations to increase and leverage trust to achieve superior performance.

Stephen recently merged CoveyLink back with FranklinCovey again, forming the Global Speed of Trust Practice, where Stephen serves as Global Practice Leader.