190 – Amy & Matt Baumgardner: Advocates For Faith, Hope, & Forgiveness; Authors of “From This Day Forward”

BaumgardnerAmy Baumgardner had a unique opportunity to share her story with the world in May of 2012 when she was asked to be a guest on Oprah Winfrey’s Life class with Iyanla Vanzant.

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The segment focused on “Overcoming Guilt”, and Amy was chosen to share her two-year struggle with alcohol, her resulting crumbling marriage, and ultimately, her crippling guilt after a drunk driving accident that left her 5 year old daughter in critical condition.  The segment aired on July 29, 2012 and segments can be viewed on line at Oprah.com

Instead of focusing on shame and guilt, Amy chose to focus her energy on writing a book, From This Day Forward, A Love Story of  Faith, Hope and Forgiveness with her husband, Matt.

Together they share how they have weathered the storm of addiction and rebuilt their family and marriage one day at a time.

Amy is a contributing  freelance writer to In Recovery Magazine and post her personal Blogs on

Bloggy Moms & More Than Mommies

Amy makes her recovery, family and spirituality a priority and encourage others to do the same.  She shares her journey in hope that it will inspire others to make the change that is necessary to living the life they always wanted to live.

Matt and Amy have three amazing kids together.  She is truly grateful and has learned that through her struggles she has found her strength.

The 4Give Foundation

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Matt and Amy have started to make 4Give and official 501(c)3 non-profit foundation!

Click the link below to learn how you can help stop the stigma. 4Give is a foundation Matt and Amy started to help those in recovery, stay in recovery.

With a portion of the proceeds from their  book, From This Day Forward, A Love Story of Hope, Faith and Forgiveness and your generous donations they can help individuals having trouble completing their in-patient treatment due to financial hardships or insurance limitations.

All of the money earned will go directly to the drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility hosting the individual in need.

Please take a moment to click the link below and donate. Helping just one person can help an entire family through this terrible disease.


189 – Donald T. Phillips: International Bestselling Author of over 20 books, Including “Lincoln on Leadership”

Best-selling author of major works of nonfiction, Don Phillips is known for his ability to tell stories and bring history alive with crisp compelling prose.  His trilogy on American leadership (Lincoln On Leadership, The Founding Fathers On Leadership, Martin Luther King, Jr. On Leadership) has won worldwide acclaim.  His first book, Lincoln On Leadership, helped pave the way toward the creation of an entire new genre of books on historical leadership.  Mr. Phillips is the author of more than twenty books.


Don Phillips has consulted, coordinated leadership seminars, and given motivational speeches for:  U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force, Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI, United Airlines, Oracle, Lockheed Martin, Pizza Hut, Federal Computer Week, National Executive Institute Associates, Major City Chief’s of Police, Southern Methodist University, and many others.  [See Speaker page on this website.]

Don Phillips has appeared in many national and international media forums, including CBS, ABC, AP, Bloomberg Business, CNBC, FOX Morning Television, Voice of America English Language Broadcast, National Public Radio, C-Span Booknotes, The American Football Coaches Association, and The Aspen Institute.

Don Phillips has held numerous private leadership positions and has served with distinction in local city government, including:  Mayor of Fairview, Texas (three terms) and Vice Chairman, Cranberry Township (Pennsylvania) Planning Commission.  He also has more than twenty years of experience in business and industry holding various managerial/executive positions with major corporations in the Energy and Information Technology industries.

188 – Joel Brown: Founder & CEO of Addicted2Success.com

Joel-BrownJoel Brown is the founder, chief executive officer and chief editor of Addicted2Success.com, a web-based provider of services that empower and encourage people through a variety of self development processes and motivational stories.

Addicted2Success offers an inside look at what it really takes to achieve success through inspirational videos, interviews, and presentations by entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities, and venerated individuals from around the world. Since starting the company in 2011, Joel has overseen all of the daily operations and provided guidance for its evolution and growth. Primarily, he is engaged with maintaining and marketing the website to ensure that it provides the most up-to-date, pertinent, and practical information available.

Drawing on his experience with journalism, life coaching, social media consulting, and website development, he has created a unique, comprehensive, and beneficial experience that is enjoyed by thousands of satisfied members. Joel Browns success can be attributed to his motivation, persistence, and passion for helping people, qualities that are equally apparent in all of his personal undertakings. In addition to his affiliations with prominent entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins, he trained with and was certified by Richard Bandler as an NLP practitioner and has recently graduated in the art of Transcendental Meditation.

While continually promoting Addicted2Success and encouraging people around the world to achieve their goals, Joel finds time to support the community through his involvement with Vision Australia.

Follow Joel Brown on Twitter or keep up to date with him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joelbrownA2S

187 – Bill McDermott: CEO of SAP, the world’s business software market leader; Author of “Winners Dream”

70_McDermott_BillBill McDermott is Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Executive Board of SAP, the world’s business software market leader with more than 263,000 customers in 188 countries. He leads the company’s 68,800 employees and more than two-million-person ecosystem in executing SAP’s vision and strategy to make the world run better and improve people’s lives.

Under Bill’s leadership, in 2014 SAP unveiled a strategy to help businesses of all sizes simplify everything. The company has placed an unrivaled focus on delivering a beautiful user experience and has built the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of solutions in the SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA.

A personal champion of customer centricity, Bill and former Co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe are credited with leading the reinvention of SAP in the era of mobility, cloud computing, advanced analytics, next-generation business applications and in-memory technology. Since 2010, this innovation-led strategy has resulted in expansive increases in customers, total revenue, market value and profitable growth. With a 99% approval rating from employees, Bill and Jim were ranked #2 on Glassdoor.com’s listing of the world’s top 50 CEOs in 2013.

Bill has more than three decades of experience in business technology. He joined SAP in 2002 to lead the business in North America and has steadily risen to his current role as chief executive officer. Before joining SAP he served in senior executive roles with Siebel Systems and Gartner, Inc. He launched his business career at Xerox Corporation, where he rose to become the company’s youngest corporate officer and division president.

Bill got his start as a young entrepreneur running a small delicatessen business on Long Island, New York, at age 17. He is a passionate believer in engaging up-and-coming young leaders and has been recognized by organizations ranging from City Year of Greater Philadelphia to the Children’s Aid Society of New York City. A frequent speaker on leadership topics, he was a 2014 keynote speaker at Leadercast, a movement focused on building leaders worth following.

In addition to his SAP and civic commitments, Bill serves on the boards of directors of Under Armour and ANSYS, Inc. He regularly contributes original content to major international publications and blogs on topics ranging from innovation to the future of business.

Bill received his bachelor’s degree from Dowling College and his Master of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Winners Dream: A Journey from Corner Store to Corner Office

Winners Dream book

A leadership and career manifesto told through the narrative of one of today’s most inspiring, admired, and successful global leaders.

In Winners Dream, Bill McDermott—the CEO of the world’s largest business software company, SAP—chronicles how relentless optimism, hard work, and disciplined execution embolden people and equip organizations to achieve audacious goals.

Growing up in working-class Long Island, a sixteen-year-old Bill traded three hourly wage jobs to buy a small deli, which he ran by instinctively applying ideas that would be the seeds for his future success. After paying for and graduating college, Bill talked his way into a job selling copiers door-to-door for Xerox, where he went on to rank number one in every sales position he held and eventually became the company’s youngest-ever corporate officer. Eventually, Bill left Xerox and in 2002 became the unlikely president of SAP’s flailing American business unit. There, he injected enthusiasm and accountability into the demoralized culture by scaling his deli, sales, and management strategies. In 2010, Bill was named co-CEO, and in May 2014 became SAP’s sole, and first non-European, CEO.

Colorful and fast-paced, Bill’s anecdotes contain effective takeaways: gutsy career moves; empathetic sales strategies; incentives that yield exceptional team performance; and proof of the competitive advantages of optimism and hard work. At the heart of Bill’s story is a blueprint for success and the knowledge that the real dream is the journey, not a preconceived destination.