132 – Andrew Bennett: Former Fortune 100 Corporate Executive, Leadership Speaker, Author, & Magician

Andrew BennettAndrew Bennett is a former corporate executive with a Fortune 100 company who started his career as Ross Perot’s personal assistant. He has over 20 years experience as a global leadership and organizational culture consultant and executive coach specializing in helping individuals and teams build organizations that release people’s potential.

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A magician for over 40 years, he is a Member of The Magic Circle, the oldest and most prestigious society of magicians in the world.

Thriving despite decades of tragic losses he uses his unique experience and strengths forged through adversity to teach others to create positive changes in their lives.

Combine part instructor, part coach, and part entertainer and you have the transformational magic of Andrew Bennett.

LEADER. Spending his first ten years in a Fortune 500 company culminating with growing an account from $5 million to $65 million in two years.

ENTREPRENEUR. Starting a leadership and organizational culture consulting and training firm that’s been growing for 16 years.

TRANSFORMER. Having coached leaders in 38 companies to lead successful culture change, including McDonald’s, Hewlett-Packard and Marriott International.

SURVIVOR. Who’s thriving after decades of tragic personal loss.

MAGICIAN. For 45 years. Member of London’s Magic Circle, the oldest and most prestigious society of magicians in the world.

Put that all in a pot and stir it up. What emerges is unique –a guide who understands business, leadership, culture, transformation and the power of the heart and mind. Think Jim Collins plus Tony Robbins plus David Copperfield.

His insights are backed by research and presented using magic tricks and an easy-to-use Transformation Framework of principles and tools. Magic and stories from his personal and professional experience put people in a place of openness. In a flash people are rethinking possibilities and obstacles, opening the door to innovative thinking. They let go of blame and discouragement and step up to personal responsibility.

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