81 – Andy Drish & Dane Maxwell: Founders of The Foundation

Andy Drish & Dane MaxwellAndy Drish and Dane Maxwell are consummate entrepreneurs.  They are passionate in their belief that entrepreneurship is the ultimate path for personal growth, self-discovery, economic freedom, and that it is essential to change a troubled world.

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They are the founders of The Foundation; an 6-month academic online growth academy that teaches students to crush limiting beliefs and build software companies with no experience in coding, minimal risk, and minimal capital.

In this podcast Andy & Dane go deeper into the purpose and mission of The Foundation; you will hear stories from Dane & Andy that haven’t been told before.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How Andy & Dane met and what triggered the formation of The Foundation.
  • Why The Foundation resonates with so many people.
  • Why “Courageous Authenticity & Vulnerability” is essential for starting your own business.
  • How it’s normal to feel stuck and that at it’s core is some deep personal roadblock that is preventing you from action.

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