101 – Chris Carneal: Entrepreneur & Founder of Boosterthon

chriscarneal28129Chris Carneal is an innovative leader who is not only impacting his organization, Boosterthon, but also the next generation of leaders by growing a national fundraising company from one elementary school in Alabama to thousands of schools in 21 states across the U.S.

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Since 2001, the Boosterthon Fun Run team has been serving schools across America, providing a fun, healthy alternative to sales-driven fundraisers. The Boosterthon Fun Run is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and this year we’ll serve more than 700,000 students at 1000 excellent schools in 22 states across the U.S. Boosterthon works to transform the way schools go about fundraising.

Where traditional product sales are purely transactional in nature, they’ve designed the Boosterthon Fun Run to be first and foremost, relational. Transactions don’t make schools great. People make schools great.

Chris believes that if you want to strengthen schools, you start with the people. While the funding matters, he views the greatest impact happens by pulling alongside our schools and serving each person we meet.  Boosterthon strives to:

  • Serve administrators by helping them forge a positive, energetic school culture where students love to learn.
  • Relieve teachers of the stress of fundraising, freeing them up to do what they do best—invest in their students.
  • Energize parent organizations with a hassle-free event that rallies families to get involved and provides the resources to fund their budget.
  • Impact students with an unforgettable nine day experience that leaves the lasting value of an engaging character and fitness campaign.

Since Chris started the Boosterthon Fun Run in 2001, he’s been working to provide a remarkable experience for each school they serve. Chris founded the Boosterthon Fun Run on four values:

  • Integrity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Leadership
  • Results

After a decade of school funding experience, the values are still the same. Now 11 years since the first Boosterthon Fun Run, Chris spends his year traveling the country visiting his hundreds of team members, imparting best practices to them and celebrating the continued growth and successes of the team.

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One thought on “101 – Chris Carneal: Entrepreneur & Founder of Boosterthon

  1. My boys “fun run” is tomorrow & I’m keeping them home. I am disgusted w/the way they have been manipulated & encouraged to beg for money. My 6-yr-old is now worried that we are “poor” because we don’t have extra funds for pledges. To call your scheme character building is infuriating. How dare you use innocent children to make a living. My boys have to sit & watch while their classmates get “prizes” & they sit with nothing…& know it won’t end for another week. And “fitness”? It’s two miles…one day! Do you think all of these children’s parents are stupid?

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