136 – Chris Taylor: Founder of Actionablebooks.com

CT-Headshot-Nov-13Chris Taylor is the founder of Actionablebooks.com – a company dedicated to helping business leaders develop themselves and their teams through the application of lessons from leading business books.

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Through his work at Actionable Books, Chris Taylor reads, writes and speaks. A lot. To date he has published over 150 articles, speaks regularly at both public and private events across North America, and has read more business books than he cares to count.

In 2010, Chris launched “Actionable Interviews” a video interview series with best selling business book authors and leading thinkers in the business space. To date he’s conducted 34 interviews for the series, with highlights including Seth Godin, Dan Pink, Sir Ken Robinson and Gary Vaynerchuk.

It’s through these conversations that Chris developed The Salaried Entrepreneurâ„¢; a team development methodology that’s being used internationally by companies large and small.