72 – Dan Rockwell: The “Leadership Freak”

Dan RockwellDan Rockwell is a true “leadership freak”. His leadership career began with a leadership position in the non-profit world at the age of nineteen. His experience, over thirty years, includes business ownership and fifteen years as a Workforce Development Consultant for a regional Penn State Special Affiliate.

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Additionally, Dan has designed and delivered thousands of hours of training and presentations for local, regional, and global organizations. Dan began writing the highly recognized Leadership Freak blog in January of 2010. Today, Leadership Freak is read in virtually every country on the globe and was recognized as the most socially-shared leadership blog of 2012. Someone is reading Leadership Freak right now. Nearly 200,000 people subscribe to Leadership Freak’s social media channels.

Dan is also co-author of; The Character Based Leader. Dan holds undergraduate degrees in Theology and Construction and Design, as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. Currently, Dan coaches leaders, consults with organizations, and delivers corporate and community presentations. You can follow Dan on Facebook and Twitter.

I loved this conversation with Dan; his humility and courageous authenticity is exactly what is needed in today’s world.

Some highlights from this podcast:

  • Dan’s leadership journey & how he became passionate about leadership
  • How crisis & hitting bottom can allow true leadership to blossom
  • How you need to bring yourself to the opportunity & challenge of leadership
  • Listen to Dan’s profound story about Carl Stutz & how this “unknown man” changed the world
  • How courage is misunderstood, available to all, and the key to authentic leadership

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