147 – David Mead: Founder of Propel Inc, Expert “Start-With-Why” Facilitator

330x360xMeadD_Headshot_Web-330x360.jpg.pagespeed.ic.QM_9-2NBoxCommitted to a world in which people go home every day fulfilled by the work they do, David Mead (Founder of Propel Inc) focuses on helping business leaders and organizations create cultures that make that idea possible. Inspired by Simon Sinek’s ground-breaking book, Start With Why, David’s natural ability to translate Sinek’s message comes across in all of his talks.

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Much of David’s early career was spent in the corporate training environment. Through his work he became acquainted with Sinek and his simple, yet powerful ideas. David saw an amazing opportunity to pair his experience with Sinek’s vision, which is centered around helping individuals and companies find their “Why”―their purpose or cause―and then to think, act, and communicate in a way that brings it to life.

Inspired by the “Why” movement and the opportunity of having a meaningful impact in the lives of people around the world, David partnered with Sinek and his team in 2009.  David creates tools and resources based on Sinek’s content, designed to help others find, articulate and live their “Why.” He also co-hosts the Start With Why podcast, which is downloaded in 66 countries and counting. Additionally, David shares the message of “Why” and how to put it into action through speaking, workshops, coaching and consulting.

David earned a BA in Communication from the University of Utah and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the MBA program at Westminster College, where he focused his studies in Organizational Development.