50 – Doug Conant: Former President & CEO of Campbell Soup Company

Doug ConantPractitioner Doug Conant delivers a critical and transformative message for today’s times: Anyone, anywhere, can expand their influence and improve their results.

Appointed President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company in 2001, he was the 11th leader in this iconic company’s 140-year history. Under Conant’s leadership, Campbell reversed a precipitous decline in market value and employee engagement — with many recognitions since, including the prestigious 2010 Catalyst Award.

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A key driver is Campbell’s success model: Winning in the workplace, winning in the marketplace, and winning in the community and doing it all with integrity. Conant joined the company with 25 years of experience with three of the world’s top food companies — General Mills, Kraft, and Nabisco. A native of Chicago, he earned his BA degree from Northwestern and his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. Conant’s new book with co-author Mette Norgaard, available now, isTouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments (Jossey-Bass).

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