161 – Dr. Shefali: Clinical Psychologist, Author, Speaker

Dr. ShefaliCLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Dr. Shefali specializes in the integration of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy bringing together the best of both worlds in her work with clients. As an expert in family dynamics and personal development, Dr. Shefali works with a range of clients from children and couples to business leaders and corporations. Dr. Shefali has a private practice in NYC. If you wish to contact Dr. Shefali, you can reach her at: drshefali@globalid.com.

Visit her website: DrShefali.com

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AUTHOR: Dr. Shefali’s books address pivotal issues that effect our children’s future. Her books have been endorsed by leaders of both the psychological and wisdom traditions. Her first book is the multi-award-winning book The Conscious Parent – Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children. Forwarded by HH The Dalai Lama, this book revolutionizes the way we parent ourselves and our children. Her latest book: Out of Control – Why Disciplining Your Child Doesn’t Work and What Will teaches parents how to effectively create change in their families.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Shefali is a keynote speaker who presents at conferences and workshops around the world. Some of the venues at which Dr. Shefali has presented are: Wisdom 2.0, TEDx, Kellogg Business School, The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, and many more. She has had key collaborations with Goldie Hawn’s MindUp Foundation, Kids in the House and many educational and transformational centers around the world.

FOUNDER, GLOBAL Inner Disarmament: Dr. Shefali is spearheading a movement towards Inner Disarmament. She believes that it is only through a process of disarming our inner conflicts that we can manifest a conflict-free world in our other lives. The process of inner disarmament allows not only the individual to be free, but also transforms families, corporate cultures, and ultimately, entire societies.


consiousparentingTHE CONSCIOUS PARENT

Transforming Ourselves Empowering our Children

This innovative parenting style recognizes the child’s potential to spark a deep soul-searching leading to transformation in parents. Instead of being merely the receiver of the parents’ psychological and spiritual legacy, children function as ushers of the parent’s development.

Once parents are learning alongside their children, power, control, and dominance become an archaic language. Instead, mutual kinship and spiritual partnership are the focus of the parent-child journey.

Parents unwittingly pass on an inheritance of psychological pain and emotional shallowness. To handle the behavior that results from this, traditional books on parenting abound with clever techniques for control and quick fixes for dysfunctionality.

In contrast, in Dr. Tsabary’s conscious approach to parenting, children serve as mirrors of their parents’ forgotten self.



Why Discipline your child doesn’t work… and what will

This breakthrough new book reveals why the disciplinary strategies we use with our children are ineffective. Dr. Shefali asserts that to parent effectively requires us to develop a deep connection with our children, so that we address the feelings that drive a child’s behavior instead of punishing them. Far from a laissez-faire approach, Dr. Shefali advocates for a high level of parental resolve that majors not in control and domination, but in helping a child develop a sense of personal responsibility. Filled with practical wisdom, this book lays a path to forge a new and empowered relationship with our children.