108 – Fawn Germer: Leadership Speaker, Best Selling Oprah Author

FawnGermerFawn Germer is the global leadership speaker who wakes people up to their true leadership potential. Fawn personally interviewed more than 300 famous leaders and trailblazers for her bestselling books and learned that the only thing separating the leadership superstars from the rest of us is courage. Her life’s work as a leadership speaker and author is to get others to move beyond their insecurities and into their discomfort zones where they will take risks, bet on themselves and succeed regardless of their inevitable obstacles.

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Fawn began her career as a journalist but eventually ran into a boss who told her she’d never amount to any more than what she was right then: a reporter.

Her trademark is that she is the only leadership speaker and motivational speaker who has interviewed hundreds of the most visible, accomplished leaders of our times. In the decade since she left journalism, she has written seven books — six nonfiction books on leadership and one popular novel. Her first book was rejected everywhere, but became a bestseller and then an Oprah book. Oprah called it “very inspiring.”

She’s been a speaker at the Harvard Business School’s leadership conference, did a speaking tour of Asia, and presented for major companies all over the world. She’s been the keynote speaker for scores of Fortune 500 companies at their leadership conferences.

Her recent speaking and conference clients include: Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Co., Kraft, Cisco, Novartis, PepsiCo, ADP, the CIA, NASA, Boeing, Motorola, Brown Forman, Genworth, State Farm Insurance, the U.S. Department of Defense, State Street Financial and many, many others.

She’s one of the nation’s most sought-after women’s leadership speakers, and is active in promoting women in leadership around the world.

Check out Fawn’s Website: FawnGermer.com

Check out her books: Fawn Germer Books