120 – Frank Gustafson: Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Host of “Lead Like a Marine” Podcast

Frank GustafsonFrank Gustafson is a start-up entrepreneur & business fanatic on a mission to educate the public about the power of Marine Corps Leadership.

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He is the Founder OneBoldMove; a project that serves current and prospective small business leaders.

The goal is to add value by sharing insight from entrepreneurs who have “been there and done that”. His ultimate vision is to be a “go to” resource for answers and advice from folks who have the entrepreneurial spirit and have successfully navigated the narrow path to business ownership.

Frank is also the creator & host of the Lead Like a Marine Podcast; a podcast in support of Marines with a two fold purpose:

  1.  To help Marines prepare as they transition off of active duty by helping them translate their unique, world-class leadership skills and abilities into something that the civilian market can easily understand and embrace. He does this thru conversations with Marines who have successfully made the transition into the civilian marketplace. He talks to Marines in leadership positions and to Marines who have become business owners.
  2. To help HR professionals, hiring managers and business owners who have leadership positions to fill… REALLY understand the value of Marine Corps leadership training… and exactly what a Marine leader will bring to the table for their organization.

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2 thoughts on “120 – Frank Gustafson: Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Host of “Lead Like a Marine” Podcast

  1. Hi Richard!
    Great episode; I’m loving your podcast and wanted to say thanks for bringing us such awesome advice and insights from the best leaders around. Loved hearing more about Frank’s story – Frank, thanks for sharing!

  2. Richard! Thanks for the privilege of being a guest on your podcast. You sir are a true Pro! I recommend, to every leader or leader-wanna-be I know, that they go NOW and subscribe to BOTH of your podcasts. Thanks for all you do to raise the leadership lid! Semper Fi my friend!

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