21 – Jaime Tardy: Entrepreneur, Business Coach, & Founder of Eventual Millionaire

Jaime TardyAt 22 years of age Jaime Tardy was earning six-figures in a job she absolutely hated.  After finding herself $70,000 in debt and hating her job, she knew something had to change. Within 16 months, she paid off that $70,000 and quit her job. Now, as a business coach, she has been on CNN, MSN, Kiplingers Personal Finance, and even Yahoo’s homepage, twice.

She interviews business owners with one million dollar net worths or higher, every single week, to learn about their action tips, advice, and stories to help you build your income to seven figures. She has interviewed best-selling authors like Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Michael Hyatt, and Michael Port, and millionaires you have never heard of, like Craig Wolfe, owner of Celebriducks (a company that makes rubber duckies that look like celebrities!).

An Eventual Millionaire is a person who knows they will be a millionaire, eventually. But they are dedicated to becoming a millionaire on their own terms, and want an enjoyable business and an enjoyable life now.

Highlights From This Podcast:

  • Entrepreneurs & self-made millionaires aren’t typically associated with leadership; but Entrepreneurs are the epitome of “self-mastery” – a key leadership trait.
  • Most successful entrepreneurs / leaders are just like you and me; full of insecurities and limiting beliefs.
  • Success isn’t benchmarked by a dollar figure; it’s all about the journey and living a purposeful life.
  • Mentors are key to launching your success; overcome your fear, be honest and get in touch with that dream mentor.


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  1. This is a great story! I wish I was making 6 figures when I was 22 years old. I am long past that time and make good money with my business thanks to http://avenue5consulting.com/ and their business coaches. I want to know thought what could you offer me that other business coaching companies cant? What sets you apart from all of the others?

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