154 – John Kramp & David Atchison: Founders of “The Riverstone Group”

The Riverstone GroupThe Riverstone Group was formed in 1975 while John Kramp and David Atchison were both students at Baylor University. Back then, the company was called Kratch. From the beginning, Kratch was a global powerhouse… at least on the back of a napkin.

Actually, after college, John and David moved to different regions of the country and pursued different professional goals. They started new organizations individually but Kratch remained a back-burner dream.

In 1992, John and David reconnected in Nashville and reestablished their long-time friendship. When telling others about their college days, they laughed about Kratch. The problem was that neither of them could remember how the company was going to make money. They just knew it was going to be big.

In 2011, over coffee, they decided the time had come to make Kratch a reality. With wise counsel from their wives, they determined that rather than Kratch, they would name the company The Riverstone Group.


JohnJohn Kramp led as a division president and corporate vice president at LifeWay, a $500 million private company based in Nashville. Before his 20-year business career, John led churches for 15 years in Texas and Oregon.

With an MBA from Northwestern University (Kellogg Graduate School of Management), an MDiv from Southwestern Seminary and a BA in Sociology from Baylor University, John brings a rich set of business and educational experiences.

John has published three books including, On Track Leadership: Mastering What Leaders Actually Do.


DavidDavid Atchison is a 35-year veteran in commercial real estate development and consulting in the Shopping Center industry. For the last two decades, he has provided expertise and wisdom for professionals and organizations, focusing specifically on small business leaders.

David also directs Higher Call, a ministry that has challenged thousands of business professionals over the last 15 years.

He founded the Retail Christian Network and has published two books including Reflections on a Higher Call. David has a BBA in Business Administration from Baylor University.


“Your Leadership Story” Podcast

yourleadershipstory1400-300x300This is a podcast about you and your leadership story. Our goal is to serve the leadership community. You’re part of that community if . . .

  • You believe that nothing important happens until someone leads.
  • You know that leaders are different — from other people and from other leaders.
  • You understand why leaders want to learn from other leaders on the front lines.

Each week, Riverstone co-founders, John Kramp and David Atchison, will bring you information and interviews to encourage and equip you to take your leadership to the next level.

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran leader or a rising leader, this podcast is for you.


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