199 – John Ramstead: Executive Coach, Former Navy Fighter Pilot, Host of “Eternal Leadership Podcast”

As a leadership and executive coach, it is John’s purpose and joy to help individuals and companies reach their full potential. His twenty-five years as a Navy fighter pilot, serial entrepreneur, Fortune 500 management team member, board chair, and one who has held many other leadership positions uniquely qualifies him for what he feels his is now called to do. Having been in your shoes John truly understands the challenges you face.

John’s journey started when the U.S. Navy accepted him into flight school to become a Naval Aviator. The day he pinned on his wings of gold and received orders to fly the F-14 was the culmination of a dream he held since childhood. He went on to fly combat missions in Iraq and was selected to attend TOPGUN.

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John’s military and combat experience prepared him to succeed in his next career as an entrepreneur. Since leaving the Navy John has been part of three successful start up ventures, led a management team at a Fortune 100 company and developed a significant consulting practice.

John had a deep need to succeed in every aspect in my life, not just at work, but in his personal life to.  At a time when John felt his life lacked balance a close friend shared with him the love of Jesus. Accepting Him into John’s life gave everything focus and clarity. There were many storms still on the horizon but John now had a Navigator.

Three years ago John had a serious accident and suffered near fatal injuries and broke almost every bone in his face and skull. His neck was fractured and his rib cage was crushed. In the last three years John has had over 20 surgeries and procedures.

When John woke up at the accident scene he was in pain beyond description. As he struggled against those holding him down the presence of God surrounded him. Never had he felt such personal unconditional love! That moment is still as vivid to John as if it happened yesterday. In His presence all of John’s pain disappeared and he was at total peace. It was then that God spoke to John. John heard God say “All things work together for good for those that love the Lord and I will heal you and use this for My glory!”

Having been in God’s presence and experiencing what an authentic and personal relationship with Him truly is transformed John to who he is.

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