86 – Josh Isaak: Founder & CEO of MySky; Student of The Foundation

Josh IssakJosh Isaak is the consummate entrepreneur who understands that common sense, authentic leadership is at the core of any successful business.

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Josh started his first business while he was going to university, offering residential house painting services to homeowners in Langley, British Columbia. He grew that business to 17 employees before deciding to drop out of the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree program at his school.

Since then he’s tried out other business sectors such as recruiting, outdoor living and even had a few failed startup attempts. At 26, he decided to approach the online software world and has started up two SaaS businesses. He currently is the Co-Founder and CEO of MySky (getmysky.com).

In this podcast Josh highlights his experience of working with Dane Maxwell & Andy Drish with The Foundation.

He gives us a behind the scenes look at what is was like to be a part of The Foundation & highlights the concepts of:

  • Idea Extraction.
  • Finding customers “pain points”.
  • How he developed relationships with his clients and using their money to finance his project.
  • Procrastination and how to get off-center and focus on the right things.
  • The “bi-polar” journey of being an entrepreneur.
  • How to remain focused on your “big why” to stay grounded.
  • Finding purpose is the key to success.