185 – Joshua Coburn: Youth Speaker, Author, & “Corporate Oddity”

joshJoshua Coburn is a Youth Speaker, Author, & “Corporate Oddity” who has spent his life & career redefining stereotypes, living his passions, and assisting others to Dream Big, Believe Big, & Succeed Big. His latest book, Inspiration on Demand, skyrocketed Coburn to new heights worldwide by motivating and empowering readers to improve daily lives, overcome personal trials, and reach their dreams.

Today, Coburn speaks with students across the nation taking them on an inspirational and emotional rollercoaster ride known as the Manners & Motivation Tour.

Also of note:

Joshua Coburn reaches millions as a guest contributor to the The Business Journals, human resource blogs such as TLNT, and lifestyle magazines such as MY Lifestyle Extra.

Joshua has been featured on VHI, FOX News, and MTV as well as a myriad of other local, national, and international media outlets.  A former ground-breaking body modification artist and small business owner in the Midwest, Joshua Coburn has defied the odds and made the drastic leap to corporate America as a promotional marketer before becoming the premier Youth Speaker in the U.S.  Coburn reaches millions as a guest writer for various blogs and business journals around the world.

About Manners & Motivation

Manners & Motivation™ is a unique speaking event that is bursting on to the youth speaking scene. Students across the nation are clamoring to get a taste of the most impactful speaking event to date. With relevant and powerful messages, Manners & Motivation™ is innovating inspiration one school at a time by cultivating positive change for student’s to continue long after Manners & Motivation™ is gone.