31 – Dr. Julia Dye: Author, Vice President & CFO of Warriors, Inc.

Julia-DyeJulia Dye, Ph.D works as the Vice President and CFO of Warriors, Inc., the entertainment business’s premiere military advising company, and is responsible for Human Resources and Administration; Planning, Training, and Operations; and Logistics. She is also the Task Force Commander of Warriors Publishing Group. On occasion, as the project warrants, she also acts as a unit commander.

She began with Warriors on the film Starship Troopers, participating in Captain Dale Dye’s first co-ed extended boot camp in Hell’s Half Acre, Wyoming, eventually commanding her own platoon. Projects since then have included Rough Riders, Terminator 2:3D, Star Trek: The Adventure, Wag the Dog, and the Medal of Honor series for Electronic Arts.

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She is affiliated with the Los Angeles Fight Academy and the Society of American Fight Directors, and was Weapons Master on Alexander with Oliver Stone.

She served as Adjutant on the maxi-series The Pacific for HBO, and is currently directing a documentary about Marine Corps Combat Correspondents, and in September 2011 the graphic novel Code Word: Geronimo that she co-wrote with her husband, Captain Dale Dye, was released.

Her latest book entitled Backbone: History, Traditions, and Leadership Lessons of Marine Corps NCOs was published by Osprey in November, 2011. Non-commissioned officers stand as the Backbone of the United States Marine Corps. The Corps is among the most lasting institutions in America, though few understand what makes it so strong and how that understanding can be applied effectively in today’s world.  Julia explores the cadre of non-commissioned officers that make up the Marine Corps’ system of small unit leadership. To help us better understand what makes these extraordinary men and women such effective leaders, Dye examines the 14 traits embraced by every NCO. These qualities—including judgment, enthusiasm, determination, bearing, and unselfishness—are best exemplified by men like Terry Anderson, the former Marine sergeant who spent nearly seven years as a hostage in Beirut, and John Basilone, the hero of the Pacific.  To assemble this extraordinary chronicle, Julia Dye interviewed Anderson and dozens of other Marines and mined the trove of historical and modern NCO heroes that comprise the Marine Corps’ astonishing legacy, from its founding in 1775 to the present day.

You can learn more about Julia at juliadye.com, warriorsinc.com, and warriorspublishinggroup.com.

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