28 – Kat Cole: President of Cinnabon, Inc

Kat ColeKat Cole has been the President of Cinnabon, Inc. since January 2011 and also its Chief Operating Officer since October 2010.

Ms. Cole served as Vice President of Training and Development at Hooters of America Inc. As a member of the Executive Team and has directed projects, departments and change management initiatives contributing to growth of brand extensions and increased restaurant units from 175 to 470+ in 28 countries.

She has over a decade of multi-disciplined experience in Change Management, Communications, Service, Sales, and Brand & Organizational Leadership and is a featured speaker and panelist on these topics for various industries, associations and universities. She served as Director of Women’s Foodservice Forum, Inc.

She serves as Chairperson of the board of directors for the Georgia Restaurant Association, serves on the board of directors of the Women’s Foodservice Forum and the Certification Governing board for the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, and has led various committees and projects in the foodservice and hospitality industries.

She received her MBA from Georgia State University.

Kat is also very active with Global Hope Network International (GHNI); A great charity with the mission of bringing  help & hope to the hidden & hurting.

  • Global Hope Network International (GHNI) is a non-profit, private humanitarian aid organization who believes that it’s possible to bring not only hope, but change, to the poorest villages of the world. And we want you to join with us!
  • They help those communities become strong and independent, learn to transform themselves, so they can move away from perpetual poverty and despair.
  • GHNI began through a project in 1999 to help an Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan. This effort made such an impression on the nearly three million refugees that stories are told all over the region of the big hearts of our small team.
  • That set the stage for additional work and the official launching of Global Hope Network International, “Bringing help and hope to the hidden and hurting.”
  • Since then, over 100 other projects have opened doors for us to bring sustainable and transformational assistance to communities in Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Turkey and many others. And through all of that we learned our method of Transformational Community Development.

Kat also asks that we support and buy Pangeo Coffee.  A coffee company that is dedicated to village and relief efforts in some of the poorest countries in the world.

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