68 – Kenneth Vogt: Founder of Vera Claritas

Kenneth VogtKenneth Vogt was introduced to me by John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire.  One of the great perks of this podcast is the interesting people that I meet and the engaging conversations that ensue. I feel truly blessed to have met Kenneth as he is one of the true leadership thought leaders out there. His common sense, practical viewpoint is truly refreshing and sorely needed for today’s world.

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Who is Kenneth Vogt?  He is a man who has “been there, done that.” He had a stodgy title at a traditional company (controller for a manufacturer), a sexy title at a splashy company (Principal Solutions Architect for a fabulously successful dot com), but mostly he has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Kenneth created one of the first e-commerce web sites for a Fortune 500 company way back in 1997 and he has rode the internet ever since. Having worked in entrepreneurial enterprises large and small, he is uniquely qualified to provide clarity about what it takes to create, run and even recreate life-sustaining businesses.

As Kenneth describes himself, he pulses “out life-sustaining entrepreneurism like a brilliant laser beam of love.”  As “The Clarity Guy”  he brings focus and simplicity to the grand notion that businesses big and small can and must transform the world.

Kenneth has lived and worked all over the US, Europe, and most recently Mexico. He speaks several languages poorly (Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi) and English quite well.
Don’t forget to check out Kenneth’s website, www.veraclaritas.com, and get a free clarity guide!