178 – Kit Summers: World Class Juggler, Author, Motivational Speaker

PHOTO 14    In Milford SoundFor over 30 years, Kit Summers has used his skills and experience to become one of America’s foremost educators in the field of performing, juggling, and personal achievement.  This, along with entertaining and speaking worldwide, as well as writing four books, he has found success in various ways.

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Kit first took up juggling because of his love of things different and unusual. Learning to juggle in 1975, at the age of 15, Kit knew early this is what he wanted to do for his life’s work. After winning first place on “The Gong Show” at the young age of 16, one of the next things Kit did was teach juggling and performing at Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College at the young age of 18.

Kit went on to perform around the world and achieved the position of “featured performer” at Bally’s Park Place Casino in Atlantic City. He was doing 2 shows a night, 6 days a week, about 15 minutes a show. So, Kit was working about 30 minutes a day, doing something he loved, and he was paid very well for it!  Kit was always working on new and better things in the show, from juggling tricks to comedy routines.

At this point, Kit’s juggling was at a high level and he was trying to master juggling 7 clubs, a world record at the time. This would be the same as the first person to run a four minute mile, or pole-vaulting 20 feet. Kit didn’t work on juggling 7 clubs for publicity or fame, but as a personal challenge to see how far he could take his juggling. He got a run of 30 throws with 7 clubs and knew that he could improve on this trick. The juggling of 7 clubs was witnessed by a number of people.

Juggling and performing were such a joy for Kit. Getting paid to do what he loved to do was more than he could ever have hoped for. Becoming a featured performer at Ballys was a starting point on his way toward stardom; who knows how far he was going to go with his performing.

While on the way to the show at Ballys one rainy night, Kit paused before leaving the shelter of the parking lot before fighting the wind and the rain to get to the casino for the performance. Atlantic City had not seen such a rainstorm in some time, shrouding street lights and stop signs in a shiny blur; it was even hard to see across the street.

Kit was crossing the busy street when, suddenly, out of the downpour from behind a sheet of rain, a truck came on the scene. Kit thought, “There is no time to get out of the way!”  FINAL_BYP_book_1_placard_ON-SITE_OCT-12The collision was inevitable.  Kit was thrown onto the hood of the truck, broke the windshield with his head, rolled off to the side and tore off the side mirror with his body, and then laid in a crumpled heap 30 feet away from the truck.

After 37 days asleep, Kit slowly emerged from his coma. He came back slowly, and when he awoke he had to learn to do everything once again, including eating, talking, walking, and of course, juggling. Although he knew “how” to do these tasks in his mind, the connections from his brain to his nervous system had to be re-established.

In April of 2010 Kit was riding his bike. It was a nice sunny day, and he smiled as he peddled. Things were good. Suddenly, a truck was coming toward him and got into the left hand lane. His mind reeled, thinking, “No, not again!” As the truck smashed through Kit his clavicle, knee and three ribs were broken. Once again, he was in the hospital and rehab for months.

About eights months after Kit was hit by the truck, he was at home doing office work. The doorbell rang and he was surprised to see a local police officer at the door. The officer said, “Kit, I have to take you in to appear before the judge. Kit was placed in the back of a police car. He was told that his next door neighbor called the police and told them that Kit had threatened to shoot him with a gun. Of course, he had no gun. He spent the next month of his life in jail. You can read all about this in book three of Kit’s series.

Several months later, Kit was able to get some much-needed time away and he drove across the US, and then flew to Australia for a month, and then went to New Zealand for a month. The whole way he had set up juggling/performance workshops, helping jugglers to advance.

After that he focused intensely on his book series, helping you to go beyond your potential. Kit is available to meet with you, to speak with your group and provide solutions for advancement.

Visit Kit’s Website: kitsummers.com


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