74 – Maneesh Goyal: CEO MKG Productions / Co-founder of “Live in the Grey”

Maneesh GoyalManeesh Goyal’s journey has taken him from a Masters in Public Health from Yale, to Sean Combs (P. Diddy’s) event planner, to a trusted agency partner of some of the world’s biggest brands.

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MKG, an experiential marketing agency working at the intersection of physical and digital experiences to bring brands to life. Maneesh founded the agency 10 years ago from his 5th floor walkup and now has offices in both NYC and LA with 50+ employees. As an Entrepreneur he fully understand the challenges of growing a business, particularly over the last few years as marketing budgets were slashed.

Maneesh attributes his phenomenal growth to his people and through establishing a culture of servant leadership where everyone fully understands their purpose, mission, & are empowered to perform at their best.

Maneesh took a leap of faith and started MKG from scratch after finding himself unfulfilled in his career in public health, and today couldn’t be happier. It was this leap of faith and his ability to carve out a career that integrated his personal interests and professional life that inspired him to create Live In the Grey (LITG) just under a year ago. LITG is a new online resource and community to help people become more holistically successful as individuals and within organizations.  Live in the Grey is a passion project centered on the philosophy born out of Maneesh’s own journey of blending professional and personal interests into a fulfilling career.

Maneesh is one of those rare common sense leaders that understands that leadership is an affair of the heart and that it is all about providing value and serving others.

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