133 – Pete Luongo: Retired President of The Berry Company, Author of “10 Truths About Leadership”

Pete LuongoPete Luongo retired as President and CEO of The Berry Company in August of 2003. His career at Berry spanned more than 33 years. During his last nine years with the company, Peter was instrumental in guiding Berry through a period of record sales growth, numerous contract acquisitions and the perpetuation of the nearly 100 year old company as an industry leader and a “great place to work.”

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While Peter’s career was dedicated to finding a better way, no initiative was more profound or had a greater impact than his development of “The Leadership Pledge” which was subsequently implemented as the operating philosophy inside The Berry Company in 1994 and remains thebookthere today.

Since retirement Pete has devoted himself to giving back through his book, “10 Truths About Leadership…..It’s Not Just About Winning”, speaking engagements, board memberships and by serving as executive director of Center for Leadership and Executive Development at the University of Dayton where he also serves as an adjunct professor teaching leadership at both the undergraduate and graduate level and serves of the University’s Board of Trustees.

Peter has been fortunate to work with 100+ plus companies, collegiate athletic programs and numerous organizations sharing his behavior driven model “The Leadership Pledge” that focuses on people, support, expectations, feedback, and accountability. The ten truths are life’s lessons that help each of us understand that our lives will be valued by our willingness to make a difference in other people’s lives. Coaching and inspiring leadership at all organizational levels is Pete’s passion: his message will move and inspire you.

The Ten Truths. These are Peter Luongo’s solutions to problems we face every day regardless of our station in life, personally or professionally.

  • Truth Number 1: Past performance predicts future behavior.
  • Truth Number 2: Motivation is a personal responsibility. Inspiration is the responsibility of others.
  • Truth Number 3: Effective leaders manage support systems; effective employees manage themselves.
  • Truth Number 4: Rules are for the weak, uncompromised standards of excellence are for the strong.
  • Truth Number 5: Organizations will experience meaningful success when employees establish their own standard of performance.
  • Truth Number 6: Habits of discipline and risk taking distinguish greatness.
  • Truth Number 7: If we have no trust, we have no relationship.
  • Truth Number 8: Commitment is not how a person performs but rather if they do it to the best of their ability every day.
  • Truth Number 9: It’s critical to be loyal to your company and your fellow employees.
  • Truth Number 10: Accept yourself as you exist, accept others as they exist, and in the context of the differences and similarities, finding more effective ways of succeeding as a behavior-driven organization.