60 – Phillip Van Hooser: Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Author of “Leaders Ought to Know”

Phillip Van HooserAfter college, Phil brought this work ethic to corporate America. In his early years as an HR professional, he was struck by something he learned while watching a video on the Quality Management Movement. The message was simple but significant: “No matter how good your tools or processes are, they are only as good as the person leading the process.” It was then that Phil decided he wanted to be a leader, not simply a manager.

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After 10 years in corporate HR and earning what he calls a “master’s degree in ‘What the Worst Leaders do in Poorly Managed Companies,’” Phil was at a turning point. It was time to take the leadership truths he had learned and share them with companies who cared and were willing to listen. Van Hooser Associates, Inc. was born.

Phil has built an extremely successful career developing and marketing customized leadership keynotes, management training plans, books and videos on leadership. He has taught his proven leadership skills at companies of all sizes throughout the U.S. and around the globe. More than 900 companies have trusted Phil to help their organizations achieve new levels of success.

Most recently, Phil has been the mastermind behind a comprehensive leadership development program called “Leaders Ought to Know.” This leadership development plan incorporates in-depth leadership content, systematic delivery, consistent reinforcement and ongoing engagement and interaction to achieve each client’s leadership development goals.

President, Van Hooser Associates, Inc.
As an entrepreneur and business owner, Phil understands the complexities of building and sustaining a profitable enterprise. Since 1988, Phil has successfully developed and marketed customized leadership keynotes, management training programs, videos and books on leadership. His company consistently experiences double-digit growth. The opportunities to work with executives, mid level managers and first line supervisors of U.S. and international corporations gives him a bird’s eye view of the leadership development plans that work in business today.Leaders Ought To Know

Founder & Concept Director, Leaders Ought To Know®
A comprehensive leadership development program, Leaders Ought To Know® maximizes leadership development through a multi-faceted approach to learning. As founder and concept director, Phil is directly responsible for the strategic and creative direction of this online leadership training program.

In this podcast episode Richard & Phillip discuss Phillip’s latest book Leaders Ought to Know: 11 Ground Rules for Common Sense  

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