19 – Ron Edmondson: Church Leader & Planter; Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church

Ron-BW-200x300As pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church, a church leader and the planter of two churches, Ron is passionate about planting churches, but also helping established churches thrive. Ron thrives on assisting pastors and those in ministry think through leadership, strategy and life. His specialty is organizational leadership, so in addition to his role as a pastor,  he consults with church and ministry leaders. (For more information about these services, click HERE.)

Ron has more than 30 years leadership experience, mostly as a self-employed business owner, and has been in full-time ministry for just over a decade. Ron has successfully led the restart of one church and the planting of two churches. He has a seminary master’s and a master’s in organizational leadership.

Almost 20 years ago, Ron founded a non-profit ministry called Mustard Seed Ministry, which provides devotional resources, conducts family, marriage and parenting, and church leadership seminars. If you need help with your church or non-profit, you can click HERE for more information.

Ron writes almost daily on leadership, church and family. Some of Ron’s most popular posts include:

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