94 – Taylor Vogt: Business Leader Coach with Vera Claritas

taylor-vogt-400x320Taylor Vogt is a business coach. But he’s not going to help you with business plans, strategies, or logistics. There are plenty of people offering great advice covering those topics. He helps you with something different, but of equal importance to a solid business plan. That is the business mindset.

Here’s why this is critical. All the time people start businesses and work out all the logistics. On paper, their businesses should be thriving, but many aren’t. What they’re missing is the business mindset. They don’t have their head in the game, and so no matter how great their business plan is, their business won’t grow, because they aren’t growing. Taylor helps you overcome limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and lack of clarity when it comes to your business. He helps you grow and be certain that the business plan you’re implementing is right for you.