85 – Tim Marks: Co-Founder of LIFE, Author of “Confidence of a Champion” & “Voyage of a Viking”

Tim MarksTim Marks is a co-founder of LIFE and the bestselling author of Voyage of a Viking and Confidence of a Champion.

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As a business leader, Christian, husband, and father, Tim speaks on business stages across North America every year to tens of thousands of people.  He is a recognized expert in building successful leadership communities and he is a sought after business mentor and life coach.

Tim’s story is one of overcoming personal setbacks to eventually achieving tremendous success.  While working his way through night-school to become an engineer, Tim’s dreams of financial freedom inspired him to start his own real-estate business.  In a short period of time, he had amassed a collection of thirty-three rental homes with the goal of creating residual income.

Although his plan at first seemed to be working, his fortunes reversed dramatically; Tim learned that he was over one-million dollars in debt and was going backwards over $15,000 in cash-flow per month.  Fighting to stay financially afloat, he began aggressively building a business leadership community.

In a record-setting thirty-one months, he grew and developed his business into a seven-figure annual income.

Tim makes his home in Florida with his wife Amy and their four children.

Learn more about Tim’s business LIFE.

Check out Tim’s books:

Voyage of a Viking Confidence of a champion




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  1. Powerful interview! What a great story of overcoming. Thanks for interviewing Tim as he is an inspiration to so many!

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