193 – Torie Clarke: Senior VP for Corporate Affairs at SAP; Communication Expert

Torie ClarkeA Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs at the multinational software corporation SAP and on-air commentator for ABC, Torie Clarke has advised some of the world’s top executives. Best known to the public as the chief spokesperson for the Pentagon on 9/11 and the beginning of the Iraq war, Ms. Clarke has long been respected within the worlds of politics and public relations as one of the most insightful experts on communication in the age of transparency. The architect of the media “embedding” program in Iraq, Clarke has stood on the leading edge of this transformation of the information environment for more than two decades.

In a media environment in which transparency is inescapable, blogs are better trusted than the front pages and YouTube can draw more viewers than the evening news, the information space reaches everywhere— and everyone, from CEOs to frontline employees, is a communicator. No one understands that dynamic better—or has done more to help politicians, industries, and organizations harness the possibilities and navigate the perils of this new communications landscape—than Torie Clarke.lipstick on a pig

A nationally acclaimed expert on crisis communications as well as public outreach, she has been Senior Advisor of Communications and Government Relations to Comcast, President of Bozell Eskew advertising, head of the Washington office of the internationally known public relations firm of Hill and Knowlton and Vice President of the National Cable Telecommunications Association.

As Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs during the first moments of the war on terror, press secretary for George H.W. Bush’s 1992 re-election campaign and more, Ms. Clarke has witnessed history— and helped to make it—from vantage points ranging from Air Force One to the war room inside the Pentagon on 9/11. She has appeared on programs ranging from 60 Minutes to Good Morning America to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. She has been a close advisor to Arizona Senator John McCain since his early days in Congress as well as Assistant U.S. Trade Representative during the first Bush Administration.

In her book Lipstick on a Pig: Winning in the No-Spin Era by Someone Who Knows the Game, Clarke offers a complete guide to the age of transparency. Entertaining, approachable and full of crucial insight and practical guidance, Lipstick on a Pig is indispensable not only for business figures and media relations specialists, but also for the vast range of communicators whose words and actions shape the public image of their organizations today.