78 – Pejman Ghadimi: Founder of the Third Circle Theory; Serial Entrepreneur

Pejman GhadimiPejman Ghadimi is the founder and author of the Third Circle Theory. A powerful theory which explains how some of today’s top visionaries are made.

In his past 10 years, Pejman has held multiple leadership roles at the Vice President level for Fortune 500 companies and has established several successful off-line businesses including Secret Consulting, and VIP motoring.

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Since the young age of 25, Pejman has been financially independent and has dedicated the majority of his time to bringing the Secret Entourage brand to life, a unique organization which focuses on helping motivate and improve the lives of young entrepreneurs worldwide.

According to Pejman: “Entrepreneurship is about vision, creation, and innovation, it’s a way of life and a means to a living. In the past decade entrepreneurship has lost its true meaning and prestige and instead has been looked at as a synonym for being self employed. There was a time when entrepreneurs were admired for their guts and their courage and their innovative thinking for undertaking some of life’s biggest challenges and resolving them for the benefit of those around them.

This selflessness that made entrepreneurs who they are and gave them their identity in the world has been changed into nothing more than a rat race for who has or can make the most money, but more importantly the world of entrepreneurship has been invaded by false opportunities.

Entrepreneurs are not defined by how much money they have made but rather by the innovations they create and the impact they make on others around them, and while most will tell you they are entrepreneurs when they have learned to master a skill that enables them to make money, that certainly isn’t true.

A true entrepreneur sees the world for what it can be, not what it is and even though there is a significant reward for entrepreneurs who see their efforts to the end, a true entrepreneur’s drive and passion never revolves around the reward but rather the journey itself, and the birth of innovation.”

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77 – Jayne Warrilow: Founder JW International, Leadership Strategist, C-Level Executive Coach

Jayne-Warrilow2Visionary author and resonance expert Jayne Warrilow knows how to unleash the power of energetic potential to achieve breakthroughs and develop resonant relationships for success in business and life. Jayne has enabled top executives worldwide to transform the efficacy of their leadership through the engagement of resonance with themselves, one another, their employees and customers. She enables leaders to become real people, promoting positive energy to build conscious businesses and lead resonant lives.

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A recognized thought leader in the global coaching community, Jayne and her company, JW International, are committed to large scale and individual transformation through the principles of resonance. Her growing body of work through her brand “Resonant Coaching” is having a significant impact on the coaching profession as she redefines coaching conversations using the language of resonance to accelerate both coach and client results. Her unique methods have brought the flow of energy into the C-Suites of global corporations. She has completed extensive work with executives and senior leaders of technology, retail and hospitality, financial and government organizations.

Keenly intuitive and insightful, Jayne is a sought after speaker who knows exactly how to captivate audiences with her lively and energetic presentations. Compelling insights mixed with engaging exercises comprise Jayne’s distinctive presentations to men and women seeking clear business results, leadership advancement and extraordinary personal development.

Jayne is an active member of the International Coach Federation and the International Institute of Coaching, as well as a featured blogger for the ICF. She is an experienced writer and public speaker, valued for her unique insights on fully engaged leadership, work-life balance, resonant coaching and harnessing the conscious energy of an organization.

After more than 20 years in leadership development and following her own profound healing journey Jayne has found her calling. It is her passion and her life’s work to awaken people to their full potential, to reconnect them to their own energy, transforming not only their thinking but their way of being in the world.

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76 – Max Stier: President & CEO, Partnership for Public Service

max stierMax Stier is President and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to revitalizing our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works. Under Stier’s leadership, the Partnership has been widely praised as a first-class nonprofit organization and thought leader on federal workforce issues.

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He has worked previously in all three branches of the federal government. In 1982, he served on the personal staff of Congressman Jim Leach. Mr. Stier clerked for Chief Judge James Oakes of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in 1992 and clerked for Justice David Souter of the United States Supreme Court in 1994. Between these two positions, Mr. Stier served as Special Litigation Counsel to Assistant Attorney General Anne Bingaman at the Department of Justice.

In 1995, Mr. Stier joined the law firm of Williams & Connolly where he practiced primarily in the area of white collar defense.

Mr. Stier comes most recently from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, having served as the Deputy General Counsel for Litigation.

A graduate of Yale College and Stanford Law School, Mr. Stier is a member of the National Academy of Public Administration and a member of the New York State SAGE (Spending and Government Efficiency) Commission.

75 – Jonathan Spector: President & CEO of The Conference Board

Jon SpectorJonathan Spector is president and chief executive officer of The Conference Board, Inc., the most widely cited private source of business intelligence. The Conference Board convenes thousands of executives annually in council, conference, and meeting programs, and publishes the Consumer Confidence Inde® The Conference Board Leading Economic Index® (LEI) for 11 countries and regions around the world, and other reports on economic trends and best management practices.

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Spector joined The Conference Board after serving as vice dean of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He was responsible during his tenure for the significant growth and strategic repositioning of the school’s executive education activities, and for strengthening Wharton’s involvement in book publishing, globalization, and collaborations across the university.

Spector began his career at McKinsey & Company, where he spent 20 years and was elected a senior partner. He founded and managed the Firm’s Taipei office, and helped lead McKinsey’s North American electronics practice. He subsequently served as the chief executive of two startup technology companies.

Spector is the co-author of We Are Smarter Than Me (2007), which highlights the ways in which businesses can harness the power of collective intelligence. The book resulted from an experiment in which thousands of participants attempted to pool their knowledge and create a book manuscript.

Spector serves on the board of directors of The Conference Board of Canada, the March of Dimes Foundation, The Demand Institute, The Echo Design Group and is a member of the Business Committee for the Arts (BCA) Executive Board. He is a Trustee Emeritus of Wesleyan University where he earned his BA in math/economics with honors and received his MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.


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74 – Maneesh Goyal: CEO MKG Productions / Co-founder of “Live in the Grey”

Maneesh GoyalManeesh Goyal’s journey has taken him from a Masters in Public Health from Yale, to Sean Combs (P. Diddy’s) event planner, to a trusted agency partner of some of the world’s biggest brands.

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MKG, an experiential marketing agency working at the intersection of physical and digital experiences to bring brands to life. Maneesh founded the agency 10 years ago from his 5th floor walkup and now has offices in both NYC and LA with 50+ employees. As an Entrepreneur he fully understand the challenges of growing a business, particularly over the last few years as marketing budgets were slashed.

Maneesh attributes his phenomenal growth to his people and through establishing a culture of servant leadership where everyone fully understands their purpose, mission, & are empowered to perform at their best.

Maneesh took a leap of faith and started MKG from scratch after finding himself unfulfilled in his career in public health, and today couldn’t be happier. It was this leap of faith and his ability to carve out a career that integrated his personal interests and professional life that inspired him to create Live In the Grey (LITG) just under a year ago. LITG is a new online resource and community to help people become more holistically successful as individuals and within organizations.  Live in the Grey is a passion project centered on the philosophy born out of Maneesh’s own journey of blending professional and personal interests into a fulfilling career.

Maneesh is one of those rare common sense leaders that understands that leadership is an affair of the heart and that it is all about providing value and serving others.

73 – Dondi Scumaci: Author of Designed for Success: The 10 Commandments for Women in the Workplace, Ready, Set…Grow! and Career Moves

DondiScumaci_pic_standingaloneDondi Scumaci is an international speaker, author and expert in professional and personal development. Known for high energy seminars that produce dramatic results, Scumaci’s workshops are designed to deliver solid, actionable disciplines for employees and executives alike. Her best-selling book Designed for Success: The 10 Commandments for Women in the Workplace empowers women to be more effective, successful and satisfied at work.

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Scumaci’s signature 10 commandments, designed to mentor women, are a result of a seasoned business career spanning more than 20 years, including tenure as director for two top U.S. financial institutions. In 1995, she founded an advising firm, where she currently serves as president. There, she and her team consult with organizations to develop employees and leadership, as well as overall company culture, through public and private seminars, keynotes and management retreats.

In Ready, Set…Grow! Scumaci expands on the mentoring theme, offering a blueprint to rediscover your passion, overcome your fears, and create the life you’ve always wanted. “Grow is about life well-lived,” Scumaci explains. “This book helps people break through the barriers and design a life that really works!” In her latest book, Career Moves, readers will discover a powerful story. They will also learn to write their own story of success.

Scumaci is a sought-after consultant for strategic design sessions, management retreats, professional conferences, and keynote presentations. Her dynamic seminars and keynotes have made a proven, lasting impact on corporations across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and Kenya.

Check out Dondi’s Website!

Highlights of this Podcast:

  • Dondi highlights her journey & transition from high profile executive to internationally sought-after consultant & speaker.
  • Learn the importance of networking and finding mentors to assist with your journey.
  • Learn how for authentic engagement we need four things: Perspective, Resources, Capabilities, & Leadership.
  • Learn the transforming power of daily journaling & Dondi’s surefire technique to keep you consistently disciplined in updating your journal.
  • Learn how our personal effectiveness cannot depend on the effectiveness of another human being or organization; we are obligated & accountable for our own journey.

72 – Dan Rockwell: The “Leadership Freak”

Dan RockwellDan Rockwell is a true “leadership freak”. His leadership career began with a leadership position in the non-profit world at the age of nineteen. His experience, over thirty years, includes business ownership and fifteen years as a Workforce Development Consultant for a regional Penn State Special Affiliate.

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Additionally, Dan has designed and delivered thousands of hours of training and presentations for local, regional, and global organizations. Dan began writing the highly recognized Leadership Freak blog in January of 2010. Today, Leadership Freak is read in virtually every country on the globe and was recognized as the most socially-shared leadership blog of 2012. Someone is reading Leadership Freak right now. Nearly 200,000 people subscribe to Leadership Freak’s social media channels.

Dan is also co-author of; The Character Based Leader. Dan holds undergraduate degrees in Theology and Construction and Design, as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. Currently, Dan coaches leaders, consults with organizations, and delivers corporate and community presentations. You can follow Dan on Facebook and Twitter.

I loved this conversation with Dan; his humility and courageous authenticity is exactly what is needed in today’s world.

Some highlights from this podcast:

  • Dan’s leadership journey & how he became passionate about leadership
  • How crisis & hitting bottom can allow true leadership to blossom
  • How you need to bring yourself to the opportunity & challenge of leadership
  • Listen to Dan’s profound story about Carl Stutz & how this “unknown man” changed the world
  • How courage is misunderstood, available to all, and the key to authentic leadership

71 – Paul Callan: Founder of The Callan Course Discusses “Heroic Leadership”

Paul CallanThis is Paul’s second visit to the Dose of Leadership Podcast.  I invited Paul back to the podcast in an attempt to try something different on the show; I wanted to create a “themed” podcast where we focus on one topic. Paul is a great friend and he has created a fantastic leadership development program that focuses on the idea of “Heroic Leadership”. Coming from the warrior culture of the Marine Corps I was intrigued with this idea and thought it would be a great topic for our first themed podcast.

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Here is how Paul describes the concept of “Heroic Leadership”: “The highest form of leadership is what I call Heroic Leadership—living a life of noble purpose, honorable aspiration, right action, and a commitment to something greater than oneself. Today, we too often settle for accidental leadership. We mistakenly think of leadership as if it were a coat: something we put on at 8a.m. and take off at 4p.m. Heroic leaders never make that mistake. For Heroic Leaders, leadership is a way of life. For Heroic Leaders, the coat never comes off!”

Paul is a retired US Marine Corps Colonel with nearly 30 years of experience as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Executive VP, and VP of Supply Chain Management. Paul has honed his expertise through dynamic operational experiences including combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan coupled with advanced education at the post-graduate level.

He has extensive experience leading teams and organizations, providing strategic planning, executive coaching, leadership training and development, and organizational assessment. Paul has extensive experience leading teams and organizations, providing strategic planning, executive coaching, leadership training and development, and organizational assessment.

Paul’s passions are leading, mentoring, and coaching. His goal is to help people and organizations better understand the challenging, life-long, but essential journey to becoming authentic and resonant leaders. His purpose is to help organizations develop generations of leaders — vibrant talent pools — that ensure organizational continuity.

The Callan Course™ is a method of learning that applies his personal leadership paradigm.  His multiple unit course is designed to provide you with a proven leadership philosophy that expertly ranges the art and science of leadership.

Here is the link to my first interview with Paul back in February 2013: First Interview with Paul

70 – Martha McSally: First Female Combat Pilot & Combat Squadron Commander

mcsally_s640x427Colonel (retired) Martha McSally is a pioneer and leader. She was the first woman in U.S. history to command a Fighter Squadron in combat, earning the Bronze Star and 6 air medals for her combat leadership and 325 combat hours in the single-seat A-10 “Warthog.” Under her command, the 354th Fighter Squadron earned the prestigious 2006 Air Force Association’s David C. Shilling Award for the most outstanding contribution in the field of flight. Martha uses her unique life and leadership experiences to impart listeners with the tools needed to reach their goals, become better leaders and inspire their teams.

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Throughout her military career, Martha was recognized as a change agent and a transformational and entrepreneurial leader. She retired as a Colonel after 22 years active duty, where she was promoted four years ahead of her peers for her leadership performance and potential. As a Major, Martha was selected as only 1 of 7 active duty officers to be a Legislative Fellow, serving as a defense and foreign affairs advisor to U.S. Senator Jon Kyl. She was also handpicked for the leadership team tasked to stand up U.S. Africa Command—responsible for all U.S. security operations and activities in Africa–from scratch with limited resources, manpower, facilities and an impossible timeline for assumption of missions. After retirement, Colonel (ret) McSally was selected as a leader to transform the George C. Marshall Center into a more efficient, effective organization while also serving as a Professor of National Security Studies. Her innovative and inspiring efforts impacted hundreds of senior government leaders from all over the world.

Colonel McSally’s leadership success did not come easy. Her father died suddenly when she was 12 years old, putting her on a course in life formed and shaped by the tragedy and its defining perspectives. In between heart attacks, he told Martha to make him proud. As the youngest of five kids in a middle class family, she set out to carry on his legacy, make a difference, and live every day as a gift.

Colonel (ret) McSally is a pioneering leader who happens to be a woman. She achieved in an extremely male dominated field where the stakes are high and lives are on the line. She has led men and women into combat and earned trust and respect from subordinates, peers, and superiors. Martha is incredibly effective speaking to predominantly male audiences as that is her life experience. She also has a passion to be a role model and inspire young girls and women to achieve their dreams and leadership potential.

Check out Martha’s Website: marthamcsally.com

69 – Mike Kelly: U.S. House Representative for the 3rd District of Pennsylvania

Mike KellyMike Kelly was born in Pittsburgh and raised in Butler, PA, where he has lived for the past 53 years. After graduating from Butler High School in 1966, Mike attended the University of Notre Dame on a football and academic scholarship. After college, Mike moved back to Butler to work at Kelly Chevrolet-Cadillac, Inc., a company founded by his father in the early 1950s. Mike took ownership of the dealership in the mid-1990s, expanding its operations to include Hyundai and KIA franchises.

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Mike currently employs over 100 people from the region, and is a leader in the local and national automotive industry. Mike has served as Chairman of the Hyundai Eastern Region Dealer Council, Vice Chairman of the Hyundai National Dealer Council, and has served on the boards of the Chevrolet Dealers Advertising Association of Pittsburgh and the Cadillac Consultants of Western Pennsylvania. In addition, Mike was Secretary and Treasurer of the Hyundai initiative “Hope on Wheels,” which has donated over $58 million to childhood cancer research institutions nationwide.

Mike was a Butler City councilman, and has sat on the boards of several local and civic organizations, including the Housing Authority of Butler County, the Redevelopment Authority of Butler County, and the Moraine Trails Council of Boys Scouts of America. In recognition of Mike’s extensive volunteer and charitable work, Catholic Charities gave Mike the Mary DeMucci Award and the Mayor of Butler designated October 26, 2001 as “Mike Kelly Day” for his commitment to his hometown.

Dedicated to improving education, Mike founded the Butler Quarterback Club and The Golden Tornado Scholastic Foundation, which provides unique and innovative educational programs for students in the Butler Area School District. Mike and his wife, Victoria, a former elementary school teacher, also established the Mary McTighe Kelly Creative Teaching Grant for elementary educators and the Lighthouse Foundation’s One Warm Coat Program, which helped collect over 500 winter coats for students in need in the Butler community.

Mike and Victoria have four children: George III, Brendan, Charlotte and Colin; and are the proud grandparents to George IV, Vivian, Elizabeth, Helena, Elaina, Maeve and Victoria. Mike’s family and friends were with him on January 5, 2011, when Mike was sworn into office as the U.S. Representative of the 3rd Congressional District of Pennsylvania. Mike looks forward to representing the interests and voicing the concerns of the 3rd District, especially as they relate to Mike’s work on the House Committee on Ways and Means.

68 – Kenneth Vogt: Founder of Vera Claritas

Kenneth VogtKenneth Vogt was introduced to me by John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire.  One of the great perks of this podcast is the interesting people that I meet and the engaging conversations that ensue. I feel truly blessed to have met Kenneth as he is one of the true leadership thought leaders out there. His common sense, practical viewpoint is truly refreshing and sorely needed for today’s world.

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Who is Kenneth Vogt?  He is a man who has “been there, done that.” He had a stodgy title at a traditional company (controller for a manufacturer), a sexy title at a splashy company (Principal Solutions Architect for a fabulously successful dot com), but mostly he has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Kenneth created one of the first e-commerce web sites for a Fortune 500 company way back in 1997 and he has rode the internet ever since. Having worked in entrepreneurial enterprises large and small, he is uniquely qualified to provide clarity about what it takes to create, run and even recreate life-sustaining businesses.

As Kenneth describes himself, he pulses “out life-sustaining entrepreneurism like a brilliant laser beam of love.”  As “The Clarity Guy”  he brings focus and simplicity to the grand notion that businesses big and small can and must transform the world.

Kenneth has lived and worked all over the US, Europe, and most recently Mexico. He speaks several languages poorly (Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi) and English quite well.
Don’t forget to check out Kenneth’s website, www.veraclaritas.com, and get a free clarity guide!

67 – Bob Lutz: Retired Vice Chairman, General Motors Corporation

bob lutzBob Lutz is one of the most experienced and high-profile auto executives in the world. Having been in the business for almost 50 years, he has left an indelible mark on all three of the big US automakers — most recently GM, where he reinvigorated its previously undistinguished vehicle lineup.

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Although known for building powerful, muscular automobiles, Bob Lutz is also a forward-thinking realist who has stated that the electrification of the automobile is inevitable. He was behind the development of the first clean car, Chevrolet’s Volt, a battery powered electric car that can be charged by plugging into a home electrical outlet.

Bob’s new book is Icons and Idiots: Straight Talk on Leadership. In this management manifesto, Bob profiles the leaders that made the strongest impression on him throughout his forty-seven year career.

Known as Detroit’s “ultimate car guy,” Bob is passionate in his desire to make his automobiles the best in the world, with unparalleled styling, performance, quality, and technical excellence.

He has been the force behind the renaissance of fresh, bold designs and performance engineering in US cars — such as the Pontiac Solstice, Cadillac CTS, the re-designed Chevrolet Malibu, and the Dodge Viper.

Bob’s previous book is Car Guys vs. Bean Counters: The Battle for the Soul of American Business. The book is centered around the car industry so familiar to Bob. It’s about what happened to America’s competitiveness and why. Leaders who are predominantly motivated by financial reward, who bake that reward into the business plan and then manipulate the variables to hit the numbers. But Bob maintains it’s the enterprise that is focused on excellence and on providing superior value who will see revenue materialize and grow and be rewarded with good profits.

Before joining GM, Bob is credited with spearheading the turnaround of the then-hamstrung Chrysler Corporation in the 1990s.

Bob Lutz’s knowledge of automobiles is matched only by his organizational know-how. He is celebrated for his legendary ability to manage the design and development of new, spirited vehicles in the face of bureaucratic opposition and organizational inertia.

He is also the author of an acclaimed book on his management philosophy that, as you would expect from Bob, challenges the conventional wisdom of the executive suite: Guts: 8 Laws of Business from One of the Most Innovative Business Leaders of our Time

A breath of fresh air in an industry known for its blandness and tenuous grasp on the changing realities of its market, Bob stands out as a gifted, bold, sometimes brash, always opinionated, and successful executive. He is a contributor toForbes magazine.


  • Member, Lotus Advisory Council, the British sports car manufacturer
  • Retired Vice-chairman, Global Product Development, General Motors Corporation
  • Former President, Chrysler Corporation
  • Former Vice President, Ford Motor Company
  • Former Executive Vice President, BMW
  • MBA, University of California at Berkeley
  • BA, Production Management, University of California at Berkeley
  • Fighter Pilot, US Marine Corps

Check out Bob’s Website: boblutzsez.com