I’m a husband, father of four daughters, commercial pilot, and entrepreneur with a passion for speaking, teaching, & coaching common sense leadership.  I never realized how much the Marine Corps taught be about common sense leadership until I was thrust into the corporate arena in October of 2001.

I was hired as a pilot by American Airlines in June of 2001 after 10 years active duty with the United States Marine Corps.I finished my training on September 8th, 2001, had three days off, and September 11th, 2001 was my first official day as a qualified pilot for American. I was furloughed a few weeks later on October 1st.

As I entered the corporate world it was then I realized that common sense leadership wasn’t necessarily common practice; it is my passion to help individuals and organizations develop a courageous & authentic leadership presence.  I have over 25 years real world, practical leadership experience as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer, professional pilot, & corporate executive at the Vice President & Director level.

I’m maniacally passionate about leadership & believe that it is central to every aspect of our lives. All of our leadership challenges should be met with the lifelong dedication & pursuit of becoming calmer, confident, consistent, & courageous.

This website & podcast was created because I believe all of us have a leadership responsibility. Every single one of us, regardless of our position or title, has someone that is looking to us for leadership influence & guidance.

Without even trying we will influence hundreds of people throughout our lifetime. That influence could be positive or negative.

Think how powerful & impactful life could be if we became intentional about adding value & being a force for positive influence.

The content contained within Dose of Leadership is for all of us to help us become the leaders we were called to be.