66 – Daryl Brewster: CEO of CECP; Former President of Kraft Foods & CEO of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Daryl Brewster

Daryl Brewster is the current CEO of CECP.  CECP’s mission is to draw together and empower senior executives of the world’s leading companies to achieve unprecedented progress on societal challenges while driving business performance. CECP offers high-powered connectivity and the platform to multiply investments in solving societal challenges. CECP uniquely enhances its members’ societal initiatives through strategy-related expertise, influential advocates, and awareness building, and by offering members essential resources including a proprietary benchmarking toolnetworking programs,research, and opportunities for best-practice sharing.

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Through more than a decade of work with CEOs, CECP has identified the Top Actions of an Engaged CEO. These actions are carried out each day by leading CEOs and are concrete steps senior executives can take to advance corporate societal engagement within their companies.

Daryl has nearly 30 years of executive experience in the US and abroad. He has been an officer for several Fortune 500 companies, served as the turnaround CEO of a publicly-traded company, run five multi-billion dollar business units and currently serves on several privately-held and non-profit boards.  He served as:

  • President of Kraft’s $6 billion North American Snacks, Confections, Cereal, and Pet portfolio; successfully led the business to record top and bottom-line growth.
  • President of the Planters Specialty Products Company; more than doubled the portfolio to $1.6 billion over a four year period.
  • The turnaround CEO of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc.; reversing financial declines, clearing up a myriad of financial and accounting difficulties, reducing debt and expanding globally.
  • Managing Director of Campbell’s $300 million UK operations; doubled revenue and quadrupled profits.

In addition, Daryl served on the board of E*Trade Financial Holding Company and Krispy Kreme, Inc, and currently serves on the board of several privately-held companies.

He also has an extensive background in non-profits, having served on the boards of the American Marketing Association; several colleges & university councils; the Y Alliance; CIFF-Funded MANA (Mother Administered Nutritive Assistance), which is focused on reducing childhood hunger around the world; and the RWJohnson-supported Partnership for Healthy Kids, which is working to decrease childhood obesity in the US.

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