44 – Dr. John Hull (UPDATE): CEO of EQUIP Leadership

Dr John Hull

Dr. John Hull revisits the Dose of Leadership Podcast with an update on the EQUIP World Relay.  John was just outside Laredo, TX during this interview just prior to handing off his walking duties to his Mexican partners.  John began his walk on March, 4th 2013 in Atlanta, GA and had walked nearly 1,200 miles at the time of this interview on April 25th.

John Hull accepted John C. Maxwell’s invitation to become EQUIP Leadership’s President and CEO in July, 2000. Maxwell launched EQUIP in 1997 as a global initiative to train and resource leaders. EQUIP is now the world’s largest and most comprehensive grass roots leadership/personal growth and development organization. It is active in over 170 nations training millions of leaders with resources developed by leadership authority and EQUIP Founder, John Maxwell. There is at least one EQUIP conference per day being conducted somewhere around the world.

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John Maxwell says, “John Hull is a remarkably gifted man who is making a difference in countless lives worldwide. Most of all, I appreciate his heart for people. I’ve always been proud to have him represent me, so much so that if you want a picture of how I would personally lead, I’d tell you to look at him!.”

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Over the years, John has been a successful pastor, run a capital funds consulting company and continues to speak to thousands of people, annually, in both the faith-based and corporate worlds. In addition, he is the voice of LEADERSHIP MOMENT (a daily radio commentary based on John Maxwell’s content) which can be heard on over 1500 stations and outlets.

John holds degrees from the University of Georgia, Liberty University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Driven by the Great Commission, EQUIP Leadership Inc.®, is a non-profit, global leadership development organization founded by John C. Maxwell and committed to radically changing the leadership landscape. They operate with the firm conviction that the highest privilege and responsibility of any leader is to train other leaders.

Beginning March 4, 2013, Dr. John Hull began the EQUIP World Relay that will last over 100 days and travel 2,400 miles beginning in Atlanta, Ga., to Guatemala City, Guatemala with a ‘Big Why’ of seeing the nation of Guatemala transformed.


EQUIP® has launched the world’s largest relay, joining together and empowering millions of leaders for global transformation. The time is now to do something bold – and to make a difference.

Dr. John C. Maxwell launched EQUIP in 1997.  The organization’s heartbeat then and now is to raise up, train and resource transformational Christian leaders.  In 2013, our focus will be on Guatemala.

EQUIP wants to see countries, like Guatemala, transformed one community at a time.  That can happen only if there are leaders who are transformed in their lives and influence.

EQUIP is extending an invitation for leaders everywhere to join them on this movement of transformation …  to see leadership corruption, poverty, illiteracy, hunger, human slavery and other social issues addressed and show the power of unity and multiplied efforts of good servant leadership.


  • Bring together 5 million prayer partners.  Subscribe now!
  • Raise $1,000,000 for global transformation.  Sponsor the Relay!
  • Equip and train leaders in the 7 key streams of influence in any society (Business, Government, Education, Media, Entertainment, Church and Family)
  • Highlight Guatemala and the work being done there by influential leaders
  • Rally communities everywhere to join us in the EQUIP World Relay™